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ces 2 compagnies sont les mêmes, Il vendes des échantillons d essais, e , on doit payer 2.99 + frais de poste, alors j ai essayer les 2 produit.mais au bout de 3 semaines, ils on retirer de mon compte td 2 montants sans ma permission de plus de $100.

chaqu'un. J'ai alors fais des recherches sur eux, pour m'appercevoir que cette compagnie , ce sont des voleurs et que je ne suis pas la premieres.

ils ne m'on jamais rembourser, ils ont supposement clos le contrat, par email, que j ai jamais signé nu vu.aucune facture,

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AloeCare - a balance for stomach acidity naturally - taste nasty!

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Saw ad on television and ordered the product - I get two trail botttles - just pay for the shipping and handling. But they sent me 4 extra bottles without my knowledge - $79.95.

When I tasted it (nasty), I called them to send it back. They didn't want it. They talked me out of it and wanted me to try it for two more weeks.

So I called them back LESS THAN two weeks later, they had already charged my account. I insisted to talk to their managers and they refused. Now I am stuck with this nasty tasting mess!!

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Call your credit card and contest the charge if they guaranteed refund or sent unrequested.

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